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The Muddy Boots Vision

The Muddy Boots 6 Pillars of Childhood Development and Wellness.

These are the 6 pillars that make up the Muddy Boots vision. We believe that these 6 pillars give us a holistic approach to early years development incorporating all the areas that we feel are essential for good childhood development  


Attachments and self-development 

PSED and attachments is important to us at because….

The first three years of life shape a human’s mental, emotional and physical health for life. It is loving communication and attunement between child and carers that is key to this development, that’s why PSED and attachments are so important to us. 

For this reason we…. 

Expose our children to  a nurturing environment and we introduced theraplay, which is a technique we use to help them build attachments. 

Our vision is…

All children to leave us with the confidence and self believe that they can achieve anything they want too, as well as the skills to help build future relationships.

pillar 2 


Communication and language is important to us because…

C&L is important because it is the area that’s has been repeatedly identified as being delayed in our local area, which can impact a child’s future education. 

For this reason we…

Introduced a screening toolkit known as ‘Wellcomm’ as part of our baseline assessment. This enables to identify any signs of delay and implement early intervention in order to narrow any gaps. Children are exposed daily to high quality letters and sound teaching. We are also undertaking training to become a communication friendly setting. 

Our vision is…

All children to leave Muddy Boots with an expected level of language and communication skills they need to continue their educational journey. 

pillar 3 


Family relationships are important to us because…

Research suggests family involvement in a child’s education is consistently found to be positively associated with their development.

For this reason we…

We include the family as much as possible  throughout the child’s time at Muddy Boots. This starts with a home visit and continues with regular communication and parent events.  

Our vision is…

All our families will be involved throughout the child’s time at Muddy Boots, we will work in partnership and have shared aspirations.

Pillar 4 

Connection to nature 

A connection to nature is important to us at because….

We want to inspire this generation to help rescue the planet. As well as the health benefits, being in nature activates our parasympathetic nervous system which is calming and reduces anxiety. Plus, this is how they learn so many concepts about their world by being out in it. 

For this reason we…. 

We do daily outdoor learning walks and do a lot of learning outside the classroom.  

Our vision is…

That all children will leave Muddy Boots with an embedded connection to nature and this connection will continue throughout life supporting their physical and emotional wellbeing. We also want children growing being fully connected to nature, so they hold onto the importance of protecting their world. 

pillar 5 


Play is important to us because…

Children learn through play, it is vital to all areas of development. Through play, children learn about the world and themselves. They also learn skills they need for study, work and relationships. 

For this reason we…

Allow plenty of time in the nursery day for exploring, discovering and learning through play. 

Our vision is…

That all children leave Muddy Boots having had ample time to discover their world through play

Pillar 6


Early years nutrition is important to us at because….

A nutritious varied diet is essential during a child’s early years, for healthy physical and emotional development. It is also a vital time for healthy tooth development and prevention of decay. Eating habits and patterns are formed in the first few years of life so laying the foundations of a healthy habits is so important to us. 

For this reason we…. 

We encourage healthy living. We also introduced ‘Eat the rainbow project’. Click here for more details. Essentially, we are encouraging variety into children’s diets through repeatedly exposing them to different foods. 

Our vision is…

For all children to leave Muddy Boots having been exposed to a nutritious food and eating a wide variety of foods. 

The Muddy Boots 6 Pillars of Childhood Development and Wellness