Muddy Boots 


At Muddy Boots we strongly believe in the ethos of outdoor learning. 

Outdoor learning offers the children the chance to connect with the natural world, have first hand experiences of life and growth, have endless opportunities for creativity and imagination, outdoor learning improves fitness and physical development, these are just some of the many benefits of outdoor learning that really have a positive impact on children’s lives. 

Our little Muddy Booters have access to daily outdoor learning walks, out and around the community, accessing nature reserves, woodland areas, the beach, the park, local library, and local fields. If your little one loves being outside, Muddy Boots is the nursery for them! 

Why is the outdoors so important to us at Muddy boots? 

Building a connection to nature and protecting their world

At Muddy Boots we recognise the need of our natural world, we want to avoid children and families becoming disconnected from nature. We want children growing up with an idea about climate change and having the passion and knowledge to be involved in helping to protect their natural world. ​ We want children growing up from a young age being fully connected to nature so they hold onto the importance of protecting their world.

We understand the healing power of nature at Muddy Boots

Research suggests that our sympathetic nervous, which is our flight or fight response is in overdrive due to all the stresses of everyday life we face nowadays, this causes inflammation in the body which can lead on to stress related diseases such as, depression and anxiety. Being in nature activates our parasympathetic nervous system which reduces that inflammation, which helps reduces the risk of these diseases

The endless learning and fun opportunities the outdoors offers

The outdoors is a place to learn about, and experience the weather - wind, rain, snow or sun - and to explore the natural world of minibeasts and plants. Children also develop personal and social skills in the open air, by staff encouraging independence children feel they can take risks, meaning they negotiate, cooperate, assess possibilities and dangers and take control of their own learning.

The physical and mental benefits that the outdoors offers

Having a good, diverse range of gut bacterial is linked to a stronger wellbeing and overall happiness. However evidence shows that people that live in more built up urban areas have a less diverse gut microbiome, compared to those that have daily contact with the natural world. ​ Studies have even found that there are microorganisms living in the bacteria that stimulates serotonin production and makes us feel happier!


Muddy Boots Eco Heros

We spend time teaching where our food comes from and sustainability. We are also as a company looking into ways we can be more environmentally friendly, we have gone green with our energy company and currently 43% of our energy comes from renewable sources. We are also looking into ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our plastic and our waste.  

We spend time outside every single day appreciating and helping the children learn about the benefits of the outdoors and also about climate change.

The science

Research into the outdoors that may interest you!

Have a little peak below at just some of the research that helped under our outdoor learning ethos. 

childhood spent in nature 

“Evie loves the walks, she will always come home and tell me about the adventures they have been on that day” Lauren.