Muddy Boots Nursery School has an extensive number of policies in place to ensure the best practice in the nursery. 
Our policies and procedures can be viewed below and you can also request a copy of the policies from the nursery manager.
Intimate Care
Self Care and Practice
Mobile phone and social networking
Inclusion and Equality policy
Special Educational Needs
Looked After Children
Dealing with discrinimatory behaviour
Health and Safety Policy
Sickness and Illness Policy
Infection Control Policy
Medication Policy
Biting Policy
Overall Approach to Risk Assessment
Complaints and Compliments
Fire Safety Policy
Safety Checks Policy
Manual Handling
Healthy Workplace
Sustainable Practice Policy
Visits and Outings Policy
Lost Child Procedure from Nursery
Lost Child Procedure from Outings
Non Smoking Policy
Alcohol and Substance Misuse
Environment and Resources Policy
Critical Incident Policy
Adverse Weather Policy
Supervision of Children Policy
Supervision of Visitors (during Pandemic)
Human Resources Policy
Staff Development and Training Policy
Supervisions Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Special Consideration for Employees Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy
Supervision of Staff Policy
Staff working with their own Children
Students Policy
Volunteers Policy
Absence Management Procedure
Grievance Procedure Policy
Disciplinary Procedure Policy
Best Practice Policy
Immunisation Policy
Allergies and Allergic Reactions Policy
Sun Care Policy
Early Learning Opportunities Statement
Settling in and Home Visits Policy
Transitions Policy
Separated Family Policy
Nappy Changing Policy
Outdoor Play Policy
Use of Dummies in Nursery Policy
Sleep Policy
Bereavement Policy
Nutrition and Mealtime Policy
Parents and Carers as Partners Policy
Conflict Resolution with Parents who may be Challenging Policy
Access and Storage of Information Policy
Late Collection and Non Collection Policy
Admissions Policy
Arrivals and Departures Policy
Record Retention Policy
Lockdown Policy in case of an emergency
Infection and disease outbreak policy
GDPR Privacy notice
Oral Health Policy
Caring for Babies and Toddlers


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